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Employees must follow the requirements of the Arc Flash Hazard label by wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), use of insulated tools and other safety related precautions.

Arc flash mitigation solutions are essential because they save lives. But thats not all. Taking the right precautions today can save you time and money in the future: protecting people and assets, reducing the cost of injuries and damage, limiting downtime and maintenance requirements.

//&#;&#;To perform an arc flash study of the electrical system, there are some background items that are required. The first and foremost is an updated single-line drawing (SLD) or one-line drawing. A single-line drawing is an electrical schematic of the electrical system of the facility.

Arc Flash Boundary: An approach limit located at the distance from exposed live parts within which a person could receive second-degree burns if an arc flash occurred. Required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Needed Arc-Rated (AR) protective equipment