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Fabric. Cotton,Wool,Polyester,Flame Retardant. Use. Cinema Hall. Material Grade. BS,BS,BS- . We are offering world class Flame Retardant Cinema Fabric % cotton pyrovatex flame retardant fabrics in a range of GSM ( to ) plain, twill, satin or canvas weave, for batter protection we treat fabric world class flame retardant ...

//&#;&#;As per a report published by Transparency Market Research, flame resistant fabric market is anticipated to chart a CAGR of % in between and . The value of flame resistant market stood at a value of US$ bn in . The market value is projected to reach US$ bn by .

A new line of SuperFabric&#; materials that is both antimicrobial AND fire/flame resistant. It has the same antimicrobial capability as Am line but now with added flame/fire resistance. On the left, an AmFr sample () passes an industry standard Vertical Flame Test.

//&#;&#;Flame resistant fabrics are produced from materials which are inherently non-flammable that the substances possess fire resistance built in their compound structures. Fabrics made with these kinds of substances are made to avoid the spread of flame and wont melt or

Fire retardant fabrics include a coating of chemical that produces a non-combustible gas that prohibits the ignition and spread of fire. It also reduces the toxic smoke and fumes. Deaths during a fire accident are more likely to be caused by smoke inhalation than the actual fire itself.