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//&#;&#;The safety shoes keep the toes cushioned and protected but it also has slip-resistant features to keep you from falling on wet or slippery surfaces. Safety is a luxury you can afford with this pair because the sole keeps your feet planted to prevent injuries

//&#;&#;Besides your footwears safety features for your work environment and industry standards, you need to find a work boot that fits comfortably. For a high arch, the main aim is a work boot that has some arch support, good underfoot cushioning, particularly in the heel and forefoot area, as well as a slightly elevated heel to reduce pressure on your arches.

Arc Flash Long Coats & Leggings cal Long Coats & Leggings cal Long Coats & Leggings cal Long Coats & Leggings cal Long Coats & Leggings

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Dromex safety shoes and safety boots are NRCS Approved and suitable for use across industries including warehouses, construction, ... Arc Flash Tread Safety Boot. Add to Product Enquiry SS/BOOT Boxer Boot. Add to Product Enquiry. DF-CH-L Flame Retardant Socks ...

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Welding gloves are made of high-quality crust goat leather/cow split leather, heat resistant, flexible, soft & durable, good fit, cm split cuff and suitable for welding work. MOQ: Pairs Available Size: , , Cutom Logo/Label/Making: Available/One Color Free

Puncture/Penetration Resistant (PR) - This standard covers the shoes ability to protect the wearer from sharp object puncturing the sole of the shoe, such as nails, glass, etc. Static Dissipative (SD) - This standard rates the shoes ability to safely conduct any buildup

//&#;&#;Safety toe protective footwear must be worn at all times regardless of the presence of a hazard; and the safety toe protective footwear must meet the following requirements - leather uppers, oil resistant and non-skid soles, and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F with an impact resistance rate of and a compression resistance rate of .

PKR . Chemical Splash Goggles Helps Reduce exposure to a variety of eye hazards including impact, splash and dust. Features include indirect vents that help protect against splash and a hard-coated polycarbonate lens that reduces UVB and UVA radiation from

//&#;&#;Swordfish BHAF Safety Glasses are the first to go through the entire ASTM Fb arc rating and standard specification for eye and face protection products. The Swordfish has been rated to prevent serious eye injuries resulting from arc exposure of cal/cm. The sporty, lightweight frame features dual eight-base curve lenses for maximum protection, % visual acuity and an ...

Anti Fatigue Slip Resistant Work Shoes Top quality footwear manufacturers have unique sole, insole and support systems designed into work footwear to reduce foot, leg and back fatigue. Proper arch support is critical as is the suspension systems in the sole, particularly in the heel.