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Arc-Flash Kits. Choose from any of our clothing to assemble your own arc flash kit. Complete with face shield, bracket, and hard hat, all in a storage bag. Custom Decoration Available Private Label Available.

Comprehensive Breaker Lockout Pouch Kit. Comprehensive Breaker Lockout Pouch Kit. $ (USD) / each. Overview Specifications Related Items.

//&#;&#;The CU-ARC Arc Flash Kit features a center weight positioning visor bracket that balances and distributes the weight of the shield evenly for extreme thermal energy conditions. Choose from five arc flash kits that include an arc shield, helmet, balaclava, safety glasses, hearing protection and visor bracket/slot adaptor. The kit meets ANSI Z and exceeds NFPA E HRC and .

Arc Flash Kits Class BSD classic is protective clothing with a high proportion of cotton and well balanced protective properties. The BSD classic HRC range is de- signed as covering garments, ideally suited as Arc Flash Kit.

cal/cm&#; Arc Flash Kit in Dupont Protera Learn more about Arc Flash Kits like the KITCVPR from National Safety Apparel by watching this video. Arc Flash Kits provide you with comprehensive protection in one convenient package.