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//&#;&#;US special operations officers were involved in a hostage rescue bid in northern Iraq. One soldier was ... A line of panicked men in traditional ankle-length garments are seen running ...

//&#;&#;Nick Schager. Published Jul. , :AM ET. D ocumentaries can be informative, enlightening, enraging, intriguing, and inspiringbut they are

Main incident. On September , two undercover British Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers disguised in Arab civilian garments and headdresses opened fire on Iraqi Police officers after having been stopped at a roadblock. Iraqi police found explosives in the British soldiers vehicle. Two Iraqi officers were shot, at least one of whom died.

//&#;&#;The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq released a video Sunday purportedly showing the joint raid of a prison by U.S. and Kurdish peshmerga forces in which they released hostages held by the Islamic State group.The helmet camera footage allegedly shows the...

TECHNICAL RESCUE GEAR - CrewBoss TREX Raising the bar, again! The legendary quality and toughness of CrewBoss PPE is now available in a technical rescue and extrication garment system. The all new TREX line has you covered for the majority of calls that you receive as a firefighter, from MVAs, to technical rescue, to medical calls, and wildland ...

The League of Nations' Rescue of Armenian Genocide Survivors Figure : Photograph of Zabel attached to the intake survey that was conducted upon her admission to the Rescue Home. She is still dressed in the traditional garments of rural Mesopotamia. Courtesy of the United Nations. American Historical Review December

Whether on coastal patrol, a rescue mission or offering humanitarian assistance, gear such as boots, garments and gloves help to focus on the task, not the climate. Special Operations Forces. Units that exceed capabilities of conventional personnel need special forces gear to protect them during their unique operations.

Technical Rescue. When responding frequently to a vast range of conditions, technical rescue personnel need gear and boots that are comfortable and agile. Their PPE should combine unparalleled breathability with liquid protection from hazards, such as heavy rain,

//&#;&#;The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq released a video Sunday purportedly showing the joint raid of a prison by U.S. and Kurdish peshmerga forces in

//&#;&#;Naomi Klein Sees Exploitation in Rescue Missions. By Newsweek Staff On // at : PM EST. News. Bottom feeders follow closely on the

//&#;&#;Islam: Prophet Predicted End-times Chaos in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt. By. NewsRescue. -. August , . NewsRescue. Several predictions attributed to the prophet of Islam, Mohammed (p) detail the ongoing catastrophic events in Syria (Part of Sham) and Iraq. There will be such troubles and calamities that nobody will have a place to ...

//&#;&#;The IRC in Phoenix is committed to bringing our refugee clients from harm to home. As a part of that commitment, we provide them with necessities such as clothing and household items they will need to start rebuilding their lives here. To do this, the IRC relies on donated items from community partners that are passed into the hands of our clients free of charge either

//&#;&#;Nigeria forces rescue just about kidnapped sufferers in northwest. The sufferers have been freed in Zamfara state, the place that they had been seized in separate assaults, police say. Nigerian safety brokers have rescued just about abducted other folks all over raids on camps of felony gangs in dense forests within the nations ...

Recent new products include Bristols innovative XFlex structural fire kit to EN :; and RescueFlex technical rescue/USAR kit. LayerFlex is a layered garment approach to providing structural, technical rescue and wildland firefighting PPE in just garments used in different combinations to provide the appropriate protection.

The EXS pressure garment is a rear-entry suit that enables easy donning and doffing. Featuring an elliptical helmet with a permanent anti-fog coating, the EXS pressure garment operates at pressures from psi to psi. The suits hybrid upper torso (HyUT) accommodates astronauts of various sizes, and is designed to maximize mobility by ...

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Mission Statement. Gilgamesh Products is a Canadian-based company with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and a regional office in Baghdad, Iraq. Our company exports only the best and highest quality products from North America and Europe to Iraq, to meet the demands of the local Iraqi consumer.

Wildland & Technical Rescue. ... applications (with over , garments worn in Afghanistan and Iraq) ... Service, and dozens of top departments along the West Coast, had a similar challenge: create a singlelayer wildland garment with improved protection and breathability.

Understanding retails shifting landscape. For our retail industry analysis, Deloitte interviewed retail executives and of our retail subject-matter specialists to address what the retail world may look like with COVID in the rearview mirrorand what retailers may

Fire Rescue. Firefighters are some of the most distinguished and recognizable members of our community. Similar to law enforcement officials, fire rescue personnel, and first responders take on a big responsibility to keep us safe. Showing you support them by wearing firefighter t-shirts and hats is a great way to say thank you.

Global Rescue has been a leader and pioneer in the travel services industry since our founding in . We provide the finest integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis management services available anywhere, delivered by our teams of critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses and military special operations veterans.

//&#;&#;Dramatic rescue of ISIS hostages shown on helmet cam. IRBIL, Iraq - The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq released a video Sunday showing the joint raid of