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//&#;&#;The main aspects of hi-vis clothing are reflective tape and bright background coloring. The fabrics come in fluorescent shades of red, yellow, orange-red and green. To ensure the garment has the appropriate safety features you need for your particular job, look for the ANSI/ISEA or ANSI/ISEA label.

//&#;&#;There are two main types of hi-viz clothing; coloured (either fluorescent yellow or orange) and reflective, that tends to show up better in other vehicles headlights. Of course, the most visible will be a combination of the two and the majority of hi-viz clothing designed for motorcycles as opposed to other environments such as warehouses or building sites, for example will comprise ...

Both hi-vis and reflective clothing have shown to improve safety in low-light situations when used properly. Combining both hi-vis clothing with reflective strips and accessories increases wearer safety in both recreational and workplace situations. At NightGear, we take the safety of every one of our customers very seriously.

Properties of Hi-Visibility Clothing. Its easy to see why hi-visibility clothing is a must on certain job sites. The bright colors and reflective properties ensure that youre easy to see when wearing it. Hi-vis apparel comes in three classifications, and the location of the job youre performing will dictate what class you need to wear.

HiVis Clothing conforming to BS EN :, Table , Class or , which must be worn at all times. The colour of the background materials should normally be fluorescent Yellow from Table of EN:. The retro-reflective materials should comply with Table of EN:. Reflective material enhances you visibility in low light situations.

High visibility clothing, Reflective and fluorescent clothing. Choose from high-visibility pants, parkas, jackets, polo shirts, raincoats and T-shirts that best suit your needs. High visibility jacket with elastic cuffs. Polar fleece jacket with zip closure. Sweatshirt jacket with knitted cuffs and hem.

//&#;&#;There are three classes of hi-vis clothing, each for a specific job application Class Designed for areas that are removed from traffic or where the traffic that is present never exceeds MPH. A Class vest or jacket must have a minimum of

High Visibility Clothing available for rent, lease, or purchase. Hi vis and reflective apparel includes work shirts, pants, coveralls, jeans and jackets. GET A QUOTE () () . Sales: Service: My Company Store / My Company Store National ...