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Arc Flash Suits & Kits : PPE for NFPA E Categories : Available Incident Energy Ratings (cal/cm) Arc Flash Suits worn when energy levels warrant a higher level of protection (i.e. Hazard / Risk Category *, or ) Coats & Pants with Flash Hood : , & : , , , , , & : Coveralls with Flash Hood : , &

//&#;&#;The maximum arc flash protection of a kit is equal to the lowest cal/cm rating of any component in the selected safety kit. Clothing selected for a particular application shall have an arc thermal performance value higher than the potential hazard to prevent the onset of nd degree burns.

CAT Arc Flash Accessory Kit Includes: Cal PureView Faceshield Unit with Hard Hat. For enhanced protection Westex&#; UltraSoft is the premium choice for superior comfort, improved safety and above average durability. With a unique blend of % cotton and % high-tenacity nylon UltraSoft garments provide a smooth feel for increased ...