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NOMEX sewing thread must has high intension, good wear resistance and high temperature resistant up to above Nomex filter fabric and filter bags are used for slot insulation. The slot wedges are made o high electrical conductivity material and thus act as damper windings.

Nomex Filter Bag Spec Nomex filter bag made by NOMEX&#;(Aramid,Kevlar) fiber developed by DuPont, needle nomex filter bag can maintaining high strength and performs at high temperatures, resistance to excoriation, and excellent dimensional stability. Aramid filter bags have excellent dust filter properties and can resist many kinds of chemicals attacks from application in industrial smoke ...

NOMEX FILTER BAGS, China NOMEX FILTER BAGS, Quality NOMEX FILTER BAGS manufacture by COX Environment Tech. Nomex Filter Bag Finish Treatment.. The gas filaments in nomex bag can break the filter fabric when flexed during normal usage if the bag without a finish treatment or protective coating.

Parhaan lopputuloksen saavuttamiseksi suodatinkangas valitaan suodatettavien partikkeleiden ominaisuuksien mukaan. On otettava huomioon onko p&#;ly kuumaa, kosteaa, tahmeaa, hienoa, karkeaa jne. Vaihtoehtoja siis on. ... Aramidi, jota kutsutaan nimell&#; Nomex ...

Kinds material filter fabric can be find in market, Polyester(PET), PP(Polypropylene), PA(Polyamide), Nomex(Aramid), PPS(Ryton), Polyimide(P), Acrylic, Fiberglass, PTFE is mostly used filter media. Filter Material Select. Temperature, Chemical Attack, Effective Filtration Area, Right Pore Size must be considered in proper filter media selection.

Nomex is a high temperature filtration material with rational structure and superior performance. (continuance) &#;C, (instant) &#;C ) Surface treatment: Singeing, calendering, heat setting is the basic treatment in nomex filter bag.