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Astonishing Facts about Arc Flash. An Arc Flash is an energy discharge that forms when a fault occurs in an electrical circuit. The arcing fault results in a tremendous amount of energy released as current flowing through ionized air. It is not necessary to touch live components to sustain an arc flash

Some Crazy Sub Station Electrical Arc In Russia

Arc Flash An arc flash occurs when electrical current passes through air This most often occurs in power systems when: Making or breaking a circuit Bridging a insulating air gap with a more conductive object The heat generated can be devastating A fire usually burns at degrees Steel melts at around , degrees

An arc flash is the result of an electric current passing through air as the result of conductor failure, equipment failure, or the accidental connection between voltage sources such as dropping a tool across buses in distribution equipment. The flash is immediate but the resultant

Arc Flash Hazard Definition? Arc Flash Hazard: The passage of electric current between two conducting metals through an ionizing gas or vapor, usually air. It is initiated by a flashover, or from the introduction of some conductive material such as a screwdriver. The arc flash